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高雄市政府教育局主辦 / 社團法人高雄市勞動生活教育促進會承辦


※ 可先來電查詢該課程是否額滿,避免白跑一趟。(此查詢動作不代表保留名額,因課程報名以繳費者為優先錄取,請於來電後盡快至社大報名與繳費)

※ 現場報名請攜帶身份證或具有個人照片之相關證件,以及該課程報名費用。

※ 舊學員免攜帶證件、免填寫報名表。 ※ 課程收據請妥善保管至學期結束,退費或相關業務需憑據辦理,收據遺失者鳳山社大將有權不受理。

On-site registration (suitable for those who want to go directly to the headquarters of Fongshan Community University to complete registration and payment)

※ In order to avoid making a trip for nothing, you can call the office to check whether the course is fully registered first. (This query does not mean to reserve the place because the course registration priority is given to the applicant who pays the tuition. Please register and then pay the tuition as soon as possible after you make a call. )

※ For on-site registration, please bring your ID card or related certificates with personal photo as well as the registration fee needed for the course.

※ Former students are exempt from carrying certificates and filling in the registration form.

※ Please keep the course receipts properly until the end of the semester. Getting refunds or handling related affairs need to be processed with the receipts. If the receipt is lost, Fongshan Community University has the right not to accept refunds or other requests.

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