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高雄市政府教育局主辦 / 社團法人高雄市勞動生活教育促進會承辦
公所協力 Working Together with District Office




   由公所發起,透過環境掃描、資源盤點、願景工作坊,發展大寮生活願景,讓公所成為「翻轉大寮」領頭羊;推動區公所社造化,強化區公所社造理念、透過社造推動里政或社區發展。讓「小政府發會大力量」,齊一目標整合跨課室資源,共同投入願景實踐 。












   "Daliao district" is located on the edge of urban development. Traditional agriculture was the main development in the past. In response to the needs of the country and the overall development, Daliao district office has supplied a large amount of land for development, including the current "Dafa Industrial Zone" and " Hofa Industrial Park". While the establishment of these industrial zones or institutions provide local people with employment opportunities, they also pose a certain degree of threat to people’s lives instead. What is grown on the land of Daliao district is no longer rice, but now Iron sheet factories are set up on the farmland one after another.

   The school believes that Daliao district has sacrificed the quality of life of the people due to economic development. And the existing living environment has far exceeded its due load. With the relative lack of cultural and educational resources,  Daliao district can have the opportunity to turn around again only if it arouses the people’s love for their hometown. The cooperation between the school and the Daliao District Office has been facilitated under this concept accordingly. This cooperation has not only assisted the Daliao District Office to promote the community building project, that organizes the "Daliao Literature and History Reading Club", but also helps the local community to promote community building work through the introduction of the school teachers. In order to promote the aforesaid program for the long term, the school even Invites Daliao local partners who have the passion for promoting the community to organize the "Kaohsiung City Daliao District Love- Homeland Association". With the cooperation of Community University, the association handles various talent training and community building projects. And the school also formulates four major work strategies that focus on cooperation:

1. Let the district office become the engine that brings along local development

   The district office initiates the life vision of developing Daliao through environmental scanning, resource inventorying, and vision workshops to let the district office become the bellwether of "turning Daliao district around " on promoting community transformation of the district office, strengthening the concept of community transformation of the district office, and promoting the development of village or community through community transformation. Let the "small government unit exert its big power" that unites the goal of integrating cross-classroom resources and jointly invests in the realization of this vision.

2. Let the non-governmental organizations become the pivot to promote public affairs

   Give full play to the spirit of public-private collaboration and partnership, encourage the establishment of public civil society, and promote the formation of public networks through the gathering of civil society forces, thereby investing in local development

3. Let the community become a seed for local development

   Encourage young people to participate in community work, revitalize the youth in Daliao, encourage the establishment of community development associations to help promote community development, and focus on talent cultivation in the community through the introduction of professional resources. Then establish a partnership with the community, which turns Daliao around.

4. Let the industry become the bright spot of marketing Daliao life.

    Establish industrial development characteristics. In addition to red beans, the specialties in Daliao district also include edamame (green soy beans), radishes, jicama (Mexican turnips), bananas, traceable pork, etc. Promote the added-value of locally produced items that even develop into a local festival with the assistance of Community University and colleges.