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高雄市政府教育局主辦 / 社團法人高雄市勞動生活教育促進會承辦
課程規劃 Curriculum Planning








     "Promoting social reconstruction through social learning, and guiding Taiwan towards a civil society through social reconstruction." Huang Wuxiong, the proponent of the Community University, has made clear guidelines for the practice of the Community University, taking "people" and "learning" as the foundation and hastening “the emergence of a new style of ordinary people culture" through enlightenment of knowledge. Fongshan Community University uses learning as an important way to promote social reform and concern about urban and rural development. In the teachers’ selection, the school actively encourages young teachers who have the ideas to join the ranks of the Community University. In addition in the curriculum planning, the school adopts the method of "learning modules", emphasizing the linkage of the modules with the goals for running the school. The modules include "humanities and sociology ", " aqua urban and rural ", "cultural and creative industry " and "the whole personal development".

     After a year of development, Fongshan Community University has had a rudimentary model in the implementation of the three modules, and has been gradually moving towards the deepening on them. Especially in the design of the curriculum committee, the composition of the committee has been expanded from the original 9 members to 21 members in order to accord with the development needs of various modules. Thereby the school lets each module develop towards specialization and promotes the participation of teachers and students. The connotations of the four modules of our school are as follows:

     "Humanities and Sociology module": Its object is to promote social development and concern about public affairs. The courses include cultural and historical investigation, community construction and public affairs, etc.. The purpose of the course is to broaden people's learning horizons, understand social development and concern about public issues. The current development situation is to assist the community work in Dashu and Daliao, conduct the courses such as community cadre training, docent training, community literature and history surveys, and encourage teachers and students or local youth to organize learning groups and even establish formal associations so as to carry out community development work. .

     "Aqua Urban and Rural module": Its object is to promote urban and rural development and environmental sustainability. The courses include ecological sustainability, food and agriculture education, pastoral construction, environmental protection and green energy, etc. The purpose of the courses is to lead the public to participate in home protection through practicing what one preaches; The current development situation is to promote the courses such as natural farming, home gardening, and ecological conservation in Greater Kaohsiung, assist ecological pastoral construction of Niaosong Xinfutian, food and agriculture education of Ren May Elementary School, and organize a book club for natural farming.

     "Cultural and Creative Industry module": Its object is to promote cultural conservation and enhance life creativity. The courses include: traditional crafts, life aesthetics, crafty life, etc. The purpose of the courses is to lead people to participate in the inheritance of local culture and enhance people's creativity in life. In the current development situation, intangible cultural assets is the core of promotion. The method is to conduct learning and passing on knowledge or skills of intangible cultural assets such as bamboo weaving, gourd carving, twined flowers, temple cutting and pasting, temple painting, wood carving, carpenter’s work, Taiwanese operas, Nanguan and Beiguan music and encourage the new generation of craftsmen to put into the ranks of intangible cultural assets.

     "Whole personal development module": Its object is to promote lifelong learning and establish multiple courses. Courses include: language learning, fitness exercise, musical instrument playing, aesthetics art and psychological exploration, etc. The school encourages people of different ages to participate more in learning based on their preference. In current development situation, promoting interpersonal interaction, enriching life experience, and balancing physical and mental development are the cores of promotion. The method is to conduct music sharing sessions, painting and calligraphy exhibitions, psychology-related courses, The purpose is to hope that every student will grow from studying at the Community University and move towards becoming " a whole person."