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高雄市政府教育局主辦 / 社團法人高雄市勞動生活教育促進會承辦





Fongshan is an ancient city with a century-old history. It retains a lot of precious cultural assets. In order to show the school-running characteristics of Fongshan  Community University and highlight the publicity of the courses of the Community University, the school established “Cultural and Creative Industry module " at the school’s inception and planned a series of promotional courses related to traditional arts, such as bamboo weaving, traditional painting, gourd carving, wood engraving, clay sculpture, restoration of ceramic art , Beiguan and Nanguan music, Nanguan opera, Taiwanese opera, hand puppet show, Hakka blue dye. The school hopes these courses not only achieve the preservation of art, but also inject new life into the work of teaching and passing on heritage.

      The city’s history museum is responsible for the registration of cultural assets, teaching maintenance of the city. The History Museum recognizes that the school is devoted to the promotion of related work about cultural heritage preservation. Therefore, in 2016, the History Museum also specially commissioned the school to help the painter, Fong Jin Xing, to apply for the course of heritage teaching and passing-on. The school then started to teach the technology of preserving the city’s intangible cultural assets.

      In addition to traditional craftsmanship, in the opera part, the school has cooperated with Taishe Qingyungong Guangyi club to conduct Nanguan music courses since 2015, which has inspired the promotion of Nanguan in the Community University. The Nanguan industry has gradually realized the possibility for cooperative development with Community University. Many years ago, in order to promote the preservation of cultural assets, the Ministry of Culture launched the "Important Traditional Art Teaching and Passing-on Project" that actively cultivated art students in various fields. Therefore, in the summer of 2016, with the assistance of Guangyi club, the school cooperated with Taichung Hehe Art realm for the first time, and invited two teachers, Zhang Chunling and Chen Yanling, who are students of Nanguan Opera, to teach Nanguan Opera, thereby attracting friends from Tainan and Pintung to sign up, and letting the participants learn about Nanguan culture from music and opera.

  In another part, in order to actively promote the preservation of cultural assets, the school and the Daliao Love Homeland Association have jointly hastened the preservation of the two brick kilns, "Gongyi" and "Ruilong" since 2019. In 2021, Niaosong No. 3 Cemetery was changed to an airport due to the city’s need of setting up a yellow line for the MRT. Owing to this reason, some of the tombs of the Qing Dynasty and the Japanese ruled period were removed. Because of the mission of the preservation of cultural assets, the school targeted the tombs around Fongshan and Niaosong to make an autonomous inventory and report these cultural assets.